Wednesday, 24 December 2014


Well, so far The Lebrus Stone has had a four star review, and today, this review was added on Bestchicklit:
What we say – review by Charlotte Foreman:
The Lebrus Stone appealed to me as soon as I read the blurb and I downloaded the book as soon as it became available on Amazon.
Crystal is a feisty main character; she’s strong, yet a jumble of emotions beneath the surface. She’s haunted by the death of her parents and driven by a natural urge to uncover the seemingly unattainable details about her childhood. It’s the promise of the Locke’s knowledge that leads her to Blacksville and the foreboding Thorncrest Manor. The atmosphere at the family home had a real gloomy, Beautiful Creatures-esque air to it, which I adored and was probably my favourite thing about the book.
Crystal’s feelings towards the handsome Cray had me hooked and I loved the undeniable pull she felt towards him, regardless if he was bad for her or not. Their interactions, at first, are strained and I personally would have liked the initial meetings to have been longer, thus holding more weight, but nonetheless desire zings from the pages and I found myself excited about what would happen when they were together next.
Many questions and mysteries are thrown up right from the start, creating a need for answers that will have you reading on and on.
Any further reviewers would be nice. I would send a free copy to anybody interested.
Happy Christmas

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