Wednesday, 3 December 2014

My book has been published.

Yes The Lebrus Stone was published on the 28th of November after a hectic month of editing and tweaking and fussing day and night until my eyes were hard to open from being so sore and dry. Unsurprisingly, the book still ended up with a small amount of typos. As you can imagine, I panicked.

But....there was a formatting error with all the online sellers, so this gave me the chance to make the corrections before my publisher re-added it to websites such Amazon and Barnes and Noble. The polished version was added last week. I would like to apologize to anybody who may have bought the copy with the infrequent typos. I'm really sorry. Hopefully they aren't too distracting.

Hmmm. I have to say, after six years of writing and polishing this book, I think I was expecting fireworks or something after being published, someone to jump out of a cake and scream congratulations. But I haven't even been handed a sparkler; a match. I haven't been given one of those really miniature cakes the size of a golf ball. I haven't really had a congratulations in person or online, not even by those I had eagerly supported when their books were released. I suppose not telling many people I even write books, hasn't helped haha. But I just don't feel many would understand. I feel they would pretend to be happy about it. Many get intimidated by such achievements in my experience. They did in the past whenever I mentioned I acted and sang. I still see it in the expression of some when I mention my writing.

Praise has to be completely genuine for me. If it's not, I would rather they did not say anything. It's awkward and irritating seeing someone internally squirm from having to smile and act pleased for you. This is why I have chosen not to air my ambitions and interests. :)

As for my family, I don't think they would consider it much of an achievement unless plenty of money was made. My father is the only person who said a person who writes stories has a special skill, but I haven't told him the book has been published either. I don't want to disappoint him.

I recently decided to tell my friends so that I would have somebody to speak to about it other than my sister, and so that I could finally celebrate. I didn't get the congratulation I had hoped for, but I have arranged a night out with them. We're going to a place called Cloud 23 which is on the top level of a high building, The glass surrounding allows diners to see the city landscape all around them. Then it's off to a Christmas quiz night at a bar called Font. I haven't been to a pub quiz night before and thought it would be a nice way to interact and have some giggles. It's more my kind of night out now than standing around in bars and clubs shouting over music.

I may even order some cocktails even though I don't drink alcohol.

It's been really hard keeping the publishing of my book from my family, friends  and work colleagues. I've been wanting to yell it from the rooftop and do a stupid jig and say: I did it. I did it!! It took me years to get it perhaps right, but I did it!

But I'm proud of myself.

I've been inwardly celebrating, but I don't mind at all anymore.

I've achieved my goal.

I have three book blitz and a blog tour this month with HotTreePromotions, Xpressobooktours, Inthepagesdesigns, and Lady Amber and Candlelitauthorservices.

Happy reading and writing.


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