Tuesday, 11 February 2014

New year. New chapter

Well as soon as it hit January the 1st, I was back to being single, back home with my parents, and looking for full-time employment, as well as somewhere to rent. ALONE.

I'm now not an editor for the small publisher. They changed their minds a month ago. It was probably because I wasn't choosing to edit what they kept sending me, which had only been about five or seven books to consider.

Still, it felt like things I had agreed to without thinking about it properly, had been resolved. And it seemed I was being shown how these kind of commitments weren't really needed as part of my goals. Not at the moment anyway.

I decided not to continue with in my freelance editing. It was just getting too much. I wasn't getting paid enough for all the hours put in.

However, I might take it up again on the side casually someday, just as a way to contribute.

I have written two novellas recently: a sci-fi romance, and a historical romance. Right now I'm concentrating on finding some personal security, full-time employment that could lead to a nice normal career after all these years chasing the the entertainment biz. :) Oh, and a place of my own. And then maybe, I will see if romance ever comes my way again.

M x