Monday, 29 July 2013


I am having two of my books edited.

I have had The Lebrus Stone beta read, and although the lady offered some help, it was very vague and confusing. So from now on, I am going to be very selective about who beta reads. I would rather have valid, constructive, thorough advice and suggestions. Being desperate for just anyone to read your books only gets you a rushed job.

There is a girl who charges $20 to beta read per book, and says she is thorough. I may consider it, along with the editing. I also joined some groups on Facebook. I managed to get introduced to an American guy who has been the most helpful so far, eager and very complimenting haha, which is always nice. I am very thankful for his advice.

Here is what he said:

I appreciate all the help you’ve given me on my stories and I hope that my input is equally helpful: 

I’ve enjoyed what I’ve read. Your story telling ability is as lovely as you.  Everything is brilliantly vivid. There were some sentences that I thought could be rephrased and a couple that I was confused by. I made a few grammatical suggestions as well (although I’m by no means an authority in grammar).
The prose is excellent, and the narrative is very much that of an eighteen year-old girl. The voice is very consistent throughout. I committed a second read-through to see how it flowed, and I thought that it flowed very well so far. Although some may think that the detailed descriptions slow down the read, I personally loved them. I really tried to tread lightly around sentence suggestions, as I didn’t want to alter the voice. So I tried my best to offer suggestions that I thought would fit well.

I love some of the conversations. They’re very natural, and don’t seem forced. They’re believable conversations and the dialogue reflects the characters who’re speaking. You’ve given each character a very unique personality. From Zella’s squeaky, prissy attitude, to Crystal’s apprehensive nature, to the guy's mysterious, standoffish personality.

 Excited to see what happens next…and…er…before. J

Hope this helps!

Yes!!!! Now this is what I expect from a beta reader :)

Saturday, 6 July 2013

Manuscripts Galore

The publishing house has said they would send me some manuscripts. It's strange to think I could be contributing to choosing what book to accept and recommend, but exciting to see what kind of stories are going to be sent for me to perhaps edit.

I probably won't be able to discuss certain matters with you, but I will try to keep you updated.

As for my books, I am trying to find editors for two YA Paranormal Romances. I am waiting for some sample edits, and then I will be able make a decision. Since I am unable to find any beta readers for these novels, I might pay a few editors who don't charge too much, say in the region of $60 -200 per book. That way I could select two or three editors for each. I mainly need opinions.

I will announce who the publisher is soon.