Book promoting

I've managed to make some British writer friends who have got me attending some comic cons this year as a guest speaker on the author panel and as a merchandise seller on a stall. Very excited to perhaps be in front of an audience again, and as a writer. I hadn't expected this in the slightest. I'm very thankful to the Universe for making this a reality. I'm also attending a world book day event to try and give print copies of my books. I will also perhaps be on the panel and will perhaps get to read an excerpt from my book. I've asked my friend to read it with me and she is happily willing to. Now, my friend (who I'm also taking with me to film all my adventures) and I, just need to go shopping to find what to wear. Happy writing all. :)

Second stand alone book published

My stand alone book, Seasons of Time, was published on the 27th of January. Near my birthday, but on my sister's birthday. She doesn't know this, however. If you like books about the concept of reincarnation, you might want to give it a read. It's recently had a five star review.


Well, so far The Lebrus Stone has had a four star review, and today, this review was added on Bestchicklit: What we say – review by Charlotte Foreman: The Lebrus Stone appealed to me as soon as I read the blurb and I downloaded the book as soon as it became available on Amazon. Crystal is a feisty main character; she’s strong, yet a jumble of emotions beneath the surface. She’s haunted by the death of her parents and driven by a natural urge to uncover the seemingly unattainable details about her childhood. It’s the promise of the Locke’s knowledge that leads her to Blacksville and the foreboding Thorncrest Manor. The atmosphere at the family home had a real gloomy, Beautiful Creatures-esque air to it, which I adored and was probably my favourite thing about the book. Crystal’s feelings towards the handsome Cray had me hooked and I loved the undeniable pull she felt towards him, regardless if he was bad for her or not. Their interactions, at first, are strained and I person

E-book has been updated

The Lebrus Stone was re-added to online sellers such as Amazon and Barnes and Noble with correct formatting and removed typos. Again, I apologise to those of you who may have purchased the previous e-book upload with the slight errors. My next mission now is finding reviewers. I would be sending the e-book to any reviewers for free. :) M

My book has been published.

Yes The Lebrus Stone was published on the 28th of November after a hectic month of editing and tweaking and fussing day and night until my eyes were hard to open from being so sore and dry. Unsurprisingly, the book still ended up with a small amount of typos. As you can imagine, I panicked. But....there was a formatting error with all the online sellers, so this gave me the chance to make the corrections before my publisher re-added it to websites such Amazon and Barnes and Noble. The polished version was added last week. I would like to apologize to anybody who may have bought the copy with the infrequent typos. I'm really sorry. Hopefully they aren't too distracting. Hmmm. I have to say, after six years of writing and polishing this book, I think I was expecting fireworks or something after being published, someone to jump out of a cake and scream congratulations. But I haven't even been handed a sparkler; a match. I haven't been given one of those really miniatu

Hello new followers :)

Wow. The two cover and trailer reveals these past two days, have created some interest All this before the book has even been released. Thank you. It's very flattering, but it's also making me nervous. The pressure to live up to any expectation has doubled. Still, I knew it was a good idea to have more than one cover reveal. I'm so glad those who arranged them agreed and allowed it Thank you Lovingthebooklauch and Itchingforbooks. The next reveal is on the 15th. A week later. Bit of a gap, I know, but we could reach those who missed the first two. Before then, on the 14th, it's a book blitz. I might add something extra to it, like an excerpt. The prize I will be supplying will be the same. I wonder who the winners will be from these recent reveals. It would be great to be able to give everyone who entered the draw a necklace, to everyone who contributed and showed an interest. But alas, I don't have that kind of money to even try. Forgive me.

Here. Again!!

I need to start posting a lot more on here. Since the cover reveal for The Lebrus Stone is on Tuedsay with the amazing ladies at Lovingthebooklaunch, I thought I could add some character photos and the soundtrack on here, rather than wait to throw them at promotional events. For now here's Cray and Crystal: