Monday, 4 February 2013

I'm back!!

Okay, I haven't been very chatty, well, not at all on here really. Not even on Facebook or any other online platform.

I had to get away for a while and just concentrate on editing my first ever written novel, which most of you will know for now as: CRYSTAL.

During my extensive edits and re-writes of the first chapter, I contacted some potential beta readers and the writers who have been amazing. I feel as though I have been blessed to have made contact with them.

They have not only been supportive. They have given honest, sound advice and even demonstrated what I needed to do better. It was exactly the kind of editing and critiquing I had been doing for writers for years, only now I was getting that kind of help back. I couldn't believe it!!! And I was expecting the help to dwindle, I still do haha. But no, they came back, eager, and even told me they enjoyed my novels.

One lady, bless her cotton socks told me to hurry up and publish my books.

So these are the names of my Earth angels that came into my life and assisted me in getting various novels, such as Crystal in particular, ready for submission in, hmmm, I'm hoping by the end of February.

I'm still kind of shocked, but it's all thanks to my critique partners/beta readers who cared enough to help me improve it.

Anyway, on to the naming of my awesome super talented peeps:








A special thanks to Laurie for supporting me the most, and talking to me everyday about our books as we exchange advice. She has become my rock that I can cling to when I'm feeling a bit wary and doubtful. And she takes my honesty like a true champ and always replies back with an even newer, improved version of her scenes. Like me, she likes to get straight to it, haha.

I would also like to thank my current editor who I cannot name yet, as I am going to need her help with all four of my novels. I don't want her time zapped by anyone else. It was flipping hard to find a good editor.

Thank you. Please keep reading and supporting me as I try to submit after four years of polishing my novel, CRYSTAL.

I hope many will be reading her story soon and that you will enjoy it as much as I enjoyed waking up everyday to write it. :)

Thanks you god/angels/my loved one's in heaven for sending me these helpers.

Bless you all.

M x


  1. Umm...I still want you to hurry it up!! haha Seriously drives me bonkers, but I guess I'll TRY to be patient...haha Write some new stories and send them!

  2. Haha thanks for being eager!! I need to try and get my few stories published before I write another. I might continue writing my historical romance that was inspired by a Tennessee Williams screenplay. I might post a sample...